Changing of the guard

This is difficult for me to write. I have for the last 6 years, been the leader, organizer, wagon master, what ever you want to call it for this group. I have had many wonderful folks mentor me. Nancy Paulson, Joellen Finch, Jerry Huestead and many, many more that have been encouraging and faithful hikers.

I have Diabetes and some nerve damage to my feet (Neuropathy) and hiking on hard and rocky surfaces aggravate the pain in my feet. I have my Diabetes under control, but the nerve damage does not heal. It is with this in mind that I will be no longer going on the hikes.

I will however, will still do the planning, scheduling, updating the web site and facebook pages. I will no longer lead the hikes.

So, if this group is going to continue to hike, we will need folks to step up and become leaders and sweepers of the hikes. It is not difficult to do, and many have hiked the trails before, but if you haven’t and are new to the desert, now is a good time to step up and learn to be a hike leader.

Instruction and assistance will be available. We also have devices to assist in leading. Gps devices, your phone and of course paper maps!

Like a wagon train headed west it needed a wagon master and a guide to get them west. Desert Explorers need you to be come a leader of hikers that enjoy the desert! Contact me at or pm me on facebook or stop by T902 for a chat.

Happy Trails


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David R Carr

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