Adventure Hiking

What is adventure hiking? It is hikes that are longer and more difficult in terrain and surface and generally has a specific destination. I:E Mt Wrightson.

Such a group has become a subgroup of Desert Explorers, for those that want to go a little further and a little faster and to check off some of the more difficult hikes in the area.

Robin Turner, will be coordinating the hikes here at Rincon. The hikes will be led by Bron Greenwood a former leader for Desert Explorers.

Hikes will be on Wednesdays and those from Rincon that would like to hike will meet at 7:15 am in Classroom 1. Robin will have a signup sheet and will coordinate the carpooling.

The hikes for January are as follows:

January 8th:        Hope Camp and Ruiz Loop. Saguaro East  Hope Camp in and out 6.5miles and 500 foot elevation                             With Ruiz Loop 9.5 mile and 1000 foot elevation

January 15:        Bowen house via Rock wren  TH at 36th Street  Starr Pass.  7.5miles and about 2000 elevation

January 22:        Sutherland Nature Loop in Catalina SP.  7+ miles, about 1000 elevation

               Alternative in case wash is running:  Thunderbird Coyote Pass Loop in Sweetwater 9+ miles and about 2000 elevation

January 29:         Picacho Peak:  3miles with 3400+ elevation  Gloves required  No one with any level of fear of heights  Very hard hike  Max on trail 15

               Weather alternative:  Starr Pass Rock wren loop at the Sarasota TH  7+miles and 2000 elevation

February 5:          Picacho Peak if weathered out

                              Starr Pass Rock wren otherwise

In February looking at the following hikes:  Bridal Wraith Loop in Saguaro East, Starr Pass Little cat figure 8 hike, Wild Burro Alamo Springs loop at Dove Mountain

March will be a lot of hikes in Madera for altitude conditioning.

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