Day 3 in Prescott, AZ, at Watson Lake

This hike was the highlight of our trip! It was a beautiful blue sky & warm day. Watson Lake is a unique area where the boulders go right down into the lake. It was a 7 mile hike & it took us 6.5 hours to do the entire loop around the lake. 

20 pan Watson Lake Prescott

The first part was around the southern end & a portion had been made into a wide gravel path from an old railroad track.

4 pan Watson Lake Prescott


Views were just as stunning from this side of the lake as we headed towards the rocky harder trail. 



8 pan Watson Lake Prescott

Then the real fun began! Up & into the boulders we went. We did right much rock climbing & scrambling.



Down we went through small canyons, then back up & over again lots of times! Great views at every turn.

21 pan Watson Lake Prescott

IMG_5364 IMG_5360


12 pan Watson Lake Prescott

Whew, some areas required the help of each other to get up & down, so we took lots of short water breaks. The views kept coming! How much further?!?




14 pan Watson Lake Prescott

All of us were pretty tired when we finally reached the end of the trail. So many pictures & hard to pick the favorites. Pictures don’t always show how beautiful a place really is.

19 pan Watson Lake Prescott


Great job everyone and awesome hike!






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