A little Housekeeping!

We had 48 hikers last Wednesday! It is great to see so many people interested in hiking!

Along with the big numbers comes a few logistical problems!  We had to scramble to find enough vehicles and drivers to get us to the trail heads. If you could drive please bring your vehicle to the parking area by classroom 1. If you can provide transportation please let me or one of the other leaders know. We do not want to have to leave anyone behind!

If you are riding with someone we ask that you give the driver a minimum of $4.00. As we drive further from the park, an increase in  that amount would be appropriate. The drivers will appreciate it!

As we grow we will need more leaders, especially when we have to break up a large group as we did last Wednesday. Many of the parks we visit have an 18 hiker limit for a group, so we must break up a large hike into 2 or more groups. That means we need folks to step up and volunteer to lead a group. Instructions, maps, even a gps will be provided. Most of the time one group will just follow the other at a reasonable distance or within sight of each other.  If interested in being a leader, let the Kilted Hiker know and he will see that you get some training and instruction!

Happy Trails!

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