Sabino Canyon/7 Falls

The hike up through a gorgeous canyon was a 6.2 round trip trail. We parked at the Sabino Visitor Center & took the tram ride up to the trail head rather than add even more miles to the hike. We waved to the 2nd group on a lower trail as we passed by!

IMG_3145.JPG IMG_3142.JPG


The trail gave us pretty views of the surrounding canyon walls. The trail was rocky in sections & a little rock scrambling was necessary.


Parts of the trail winding up and around before descending to the bottom of 7 Falls, was rather narrow with steep drop offs.

IMG_3188.JPG IMG_3190


At the bottom of 7 Falls. No water over the falls due to lack of rain this season, but still an awesome place.





A great hike that everyone enjoyed. After that long hike, the tram ride back to the parking lot sure was a relief!


The 2nd group took the little shorter Rattlesnake Loop. They, too, had a great group!

rattlesnake loop 2nd group.jpg

rattlesnake loop 2nd group B.jpg


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