Wednesday Hike

Addition descriptions for Wednesdays hikes. The brochure from Sabino Canyon describes the trails as follows:

7 Falls  We will be taking the shuttle to the trailhead so bring $4.00 For the Bear Canyon Tram that runs every hour. First tram is 9:00 am

The trail head is approximately 2 miles from the parking lot. The trail crisscrosses over Sabino Creek. When the creek is dry, the footing is stable at most of the crossing points, but when water is present, it can be more challenging. After crossing over the creek several times, the trail rises up the side of Bear Canyon, leveling off at Seven Falls. Hikers are rewarded with several pools of water to relax by and wade in during most of the year.

Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this hike and it is suggested to bring a minimum of 1 quart of water per person.

Bring hiking sticks/poles. This will help with the creek crossings. There will be 7 crossings.

Brochure rates the trail as moderate.

Rattlesnake Loop is made up of 3 main trails, Rattlesnake,  Sabino Lake  and Sabino Dam.

Rattlesnake is low elevation, rocky desert trail.  There is some elevation gain in 1st 1.2 miles but is gradual.Rated Moderate.

Sabino Lake is rocky  little or no elevation gain. Easy to Moderate

Sabino Dam is a Shady trail following the creek and is rated Easy.

Overall I would rate this  loop hike as moderate.


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