Flightpath 2017

Our first official hike to Flight Path in the Robles Pass area across from the park was a huge success. I mean really huge! 30 hikers for our first hike is amazing!

We broke up into 2 groups. Bron led a group and Jerry led the other group!

Bron’s group ran into a herd of goats! One of the goats inserted herself into our hiking line and followed along with us for a ways! Later on we saw 15 to 20 goats, including a huge ram! Goat

I called Pima County parks and talked to a park representative and he said they were not supposed to be there! It would be good if they only ate the buffalo grass but alas goats eat everything!

Our next hike will be to the same area. We will have different hikes to the same location, the Camero Loop. One will go from the classroom to Camero loop and back for a distance of 7 miles. The other route will start from a trailhead and walk the loop for 2.0+ miles.

See ya  next week!

Hiker Dave

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