March Schedule


Desert Explorers Hiking Schedule for 2017

Red is an easier hike

Black is a harder hike

Time change to 7:15 am  Leave 7:30 am


March 1

Sutherland Trail Catalina SP 5.1 +/-

(Wild Flower Hike)

Alamo Canyon/Bathtub 3.1 +/-

March 8th

Madera Canyon Nature Trail 2.6 +/-

Madera Canyon Rogers Rock 4.5 +/-

March 15th

Arthur Pack Loop 3.9 +/-

Pima Canyon Dam 3.1 +/-

March 22nd

Spring trip to Silver City 

Suggested hike

Nature,Canyon,bird loop Catalina Sp 4.4 +/-

Or as group may decide on day of hike

Need leader!

March 29th

Hike to Jerry Bobs along river trail 2.9 +/-

( last hike for Dave)


Meet in classroom 1 7:15 am leave 7:30 am

Decide where to hike at that time.


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