Up coming Hike February 8th

Saguaro Vista,Sun circle,Black Rock  Loop 4.0 miles +/-



Features: Birding — Views — Wildflowers — Wildlife


This trail will bring you along the north ridge of the Sweetwater Preserve trails. You’ll be surrounded by tall Saguaro cacti for the entire path with a few places on the trail offering incredible photo opportunities. You’ll enjoy moving over the rolling terrain and taking in some classic desert views.

This trail is the perfect example of what you should expect when you think of hiking in Tucson, Arizona. You are surrounded by cacti that are 30-40ft tall and have different vistas either up toward Wasson Peak or looking east toward the Santa Catalina mountain range.

Easy hike minor elevation, some rocks, rated as 1.5

Desperado Loop 4.7 Miles+/_


Overview rated 1.5

Features: Views — Wildlife
Dogs: Leashed


Overall, this trail is the smoothest within Sweetwater Preserve. From the trailhead, there is a slight climb that gets you to a nice vantage point overlooking the parking lot rather quickly. The trail primarily stays along the sides of the hills as you hike along the valleys. There are plenty of quail and bunnies to enjoy and the occasional deer or rattlesnake might make an appearance depending on the weather. It is an easy trail but there are enough toe catchers to trip you up if you aren’t paying attention. Rolling hills along the loop with multiple quick and short dips that make the trail a joy to hike.

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