Broadway/Cactus Forest Trails

Wednesday’s hike on Dec. 28, was out at the Southern corner of Saguaro National Park. There were so many of us that the park required us to split into 2 smaller groups. Look at all those smiling faces not daunted a bit by a cloudy and cool day. 


DSC04487 PE with sign.jpg

Which way? One group went clockwise and the other in the opposite direction. We picked up several parts of different trails. “You go that way. I’m going this way!”

Then the 2 groups met at the half way point of the hike with lots of smiles, joking, and the ‘high sign’ as we passed each other.

dsc04465It was a pleasant easy 4 mile hike through pretty desert habitat with a constant view of the mountains. Everyone enjoyed the hike, even if the sun decided not to show itself. Besides, any day is a good day for hiking.

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