Hidden Canyon/Bowen House Hike

Rain? What rain? The morning rain stopped just before a dozen of us hardy hikers decided to take the chance of dodging raindrops.


The trail is behind the Starr Pass Resort and took us up and around the back of a mountain. It was still overcast and cool, but the sun would peak through now and then making it a very comfortable hike. Reminded us of the song ‘She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes’!


What a treat! Two different groups of Mule Deer where out and about in two different locations. The young ones were so cute! 

This is one of Carol Simpson’s very favorite hikes because it offers up such gorgeous views, even under clouds. We had such a good group that we talked, and laughed, and solved all our problems on a single hike! 


The last part of the hike took us a little further into the desert to the Bowen House, or what is left of the old 1931 homestead. The Desert Explorers have been there several times, and it is perfect for a rest and snack break. Ah, rested and refueled for the hike out! Of course, there is always time for a little playfulness!   

DSC04331 PE Dave lighter.jpg Sure enough, the raindrops returned at the very end of our unspoiled hike. Perfect timing! What awesome happy hikers we were!





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