Desert Explorers hikers go high tech!

After hearing about the 66 year old hiker lost on Mt. Lemon on a 20 minute hike, the hiking club members discussed a need for a tracking device that could summon help in life threatening situations.

A device was needed that did not require cell phone service. After some research a Spot tracker spotwas donated to the club. This tracker will send a message out to cell phones and email address for non life threatening situations or an SOS signal to the local Emergency team in the area.

Up to 10 email address could be added to the account. An email and the SOS message contain a map and the coordinates of the location where help is needed. No cell service is needed as the Spot uses satellites to send the messages.

As we do hike in the desert and things do happen and we are not always in cell service, this was a must for the group.

The unit does require a subscription to the service, Desert Explorer Hiking group will accept donations to cover the yearly cost.

If you are a hiker or just want to donate, bring your donation to the hikes on Wednesdays and put in the jar. The 50/50 raffle will be January 20th, so be sure to buy a ticket or two!

January 5th at 7:00pm will be Meet the Clubs night, so come to our table and see the Spot Tracker and the Gps!garmin Our donation jar will be there too!

Happy and safe Hiking!

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