Courthouse Butte Loop

We hiked the 4.3 mile Courthouse Butte Loop Trail and it was a quick favorite. As we hiked around the base of Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock, we could see magnificent scenery from and in the back country that the average tourist would not see. Funny, one group hiked clockwise, and the other counter-clockwise and we met in the middle! Dottie renamed a rock formation “Queen Dottie’s Crown” because she liked it better than the name Sedona gave it! Carol was attempting to improve her photography prospective by placing dead trees in many of the photos. Her nickname became “Dead Tree Carol” and the whole group got in on the search for dead trees! With such wonderful scenery, Jerry would stop and ask if anyone wanted a photo op. We designated him our “Photography Director”! David had the chance to fly his drone again and capture the landscape along with putting us on video again for our next starring roles! What a fun and great hike.

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