A Jeep Adventure

Janet, Dottie, Carol and Kathy’s excellent adventure!

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It was too warm for our scheduled afternoon hike so we had the afternoon free to do other things. Four of us, myself (Carol), Dottie, Janet, and Kathy, decided to be very adventurous and took a guided pink jeep off-road canyon rim excursion up into the back country. It was the bumpiest ride offered and it proved true! It felt like being in a giant blender! Just a short distance out of town in more pretty scenery and the adventure began on the bumpy, rocky, rutted, dirt road. Dottie and Janet were hilarious as they kept asking the driver when the road was going to get bumpy! The driver just went right along with our antics. Kathy even took a short video. Amazing that she was able to hold on to her phone! Then Dottie’s imagination kicked in and she spotted rock formations the rest of us had trouble spotting. What was really in her water bottle? The turn-around point was at a short hike up to an overlook that gave us a nice view of the whole area of Sedona. After eating dust from other passing jeeps, and bouncing all the way back to town, we made it without anyone bouncing out of the jeep. What a fun ride and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

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