Sarasota Trailhead( Starr Pass)

Sarasota trailheadOur hike for November 18th. We started at the trail head located at the end of Sarasota Blvd.

5 brave souls, ventured out in 38 degree weather to hike 4.8 miles around a mountain!

The trail is basically a flat trail with few or no stair case areas. It does go up, but very gradual. altComing down thru Starr Pass could prove a challenge, as it does have a lot of loose gravel.
There is another way down that will take you down to the old parking lot that is a lot easier. It will take you to a nice wide trail back to where you started.

After our hike, we had a wonderful lunch at  the home of Linda Shortridge. Homemade Turkey noodle soup, bread and crackers. Cake and brownies (Nancy brought these) Beautiful house and a great meal.

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  1. Dua Frey says:

    Thankk you for sharing this

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