Kings Canyon-GouldM ine Loop By David

KingsApril Fool! Our starting time had been changed to 6:30 am, however I read the Newsletter and saw it was back to our old time. So I changed things on the web site! About 6:45 Nancy called and asked if I was going! I said yes! She then told me about King 1the time. So only 3 of us left at 7:08.

We began our hike from the parking lot and took the old jeep road up to the gate, and continued on it instead of following the wash.We were doing a very slow pace, as wildflowers were blooming everywhere! Nancy was stopping frequently to take pictures.

Our Pace was so slow that the Moirs, Dianne Stone, and Gayle caught up with us, even though they left later.King 2

It won’t be long before the Saguaros will be blooming. In fact near the mine we did see some blooming and on the return trip near the parking area as well.

If you haven’t done this loop, do it in a week or 10 days from now and the Saguaro will be in full bloom

Next week will be my last hike. we will be leaving on the 15th for Oregon to Host at 3 State Parks. 

Next weeks start time will be 6:30 am! Happy Trails

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