Sutherland Trail By Carol

sutherlandReporting to you for the last time this season from the desk of Carol Simpson, the correspondent on the scene for the RCW Desert Explorers on Wednesday as she covered the Sutherland Trail story in Catalina State Park.  The group left at the early Sutherlin Trail Catalina St Pk 045time of 6:30 AM to avoid the heat from hotter Spring temperatures.  Wow! We had 19 die-hard hikers that managed the earlier hour as we greeted a gorgeous morning for our final scheduled hike.  It was about a 30 minute drive north to Catalina State Park with still just a little chill in the air.  The nice open flat trail started out through small trees and desert grass but quickly had us crossing a wash, and led us up towards higher open rocky areas.  The area is lush and beautiful anyway, but at this time of year, as the sun rose above the mountains, we were treated to the magnificent explosion of colorful desert flowers in bloom.  Colors of yellow, white, orange, pink, red, and purple showed us that Mother Nature had Her paint brush out! Sutherlin Trail Catalina St Pk 113 A little climbing took us to a rocky area with a small waterfall, where we stopped for our snack time.  This spot gave us more views of the distant valley and mountain ranges as we rested beneath the tall cacti.  We headed back along the trail that follows the base of the Catalina Mountains, and many of us just couldn’t help but take our time just to take more pictures of the flowers and soak in the natural beauty of such colorful scenery.  Another ‘must do’ hike for next season!Sutherlin Trail Catalina St Pk 121
Many thanks to Carol simpson for being the reporter on many of our hikes. We will miss her next year! Happy Trails Carol


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