Super Trail Madera Canyon by Carol


“Singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain”….well, maybe not singing, more like a little grumbling as the rains came!  The Madera Canyon Super Tail hike looked ominous from the beginning with very low clouds hanging right in the saddleMadera Canyon Super Trail hike 010 where our hike was to take us.  It began to sprinkle, but rain wasn’t going to stop us, or so we thought.  So we all put on our slickers and ponchos and started up the trail.  Ben’s orange poncho with his hat on top, Judy in her usual hunter’s blaze orange, Kathy in her bright canary yellow, and Vonnie in her fern green made them look like crayons walking through the woods!  David sported a brand new hiking kilt & looked like he just stepped out of the Swiss Alps. Hope all Madera Canyon Super Trail hike 008that water didn’t shrink it and answer the question about what is worn under a kilt!  Of course, I broke out my small wild zebra umbrella that always draws a laugh on any trail!  Judy chuckled as she couldn’t resist taking my picture! Then the low clouds opened up and it just poured and soaked us all.  No amount of gear kept any of us from getting drenched.  We all agreed that we should turn around after almost reaching our goal of 4+ miles in and out.  We sure hoofed it back down over the rocks, through the mud, and the small streams of water forming, much faster than we went up!  Nancy was bringing up the rear and slipped in the mud bringing home a brown badge reminder of her hike.  No me in rainphoto ops from that hike.  One by one, as soon as each driver gathered up their drowned rats, we headed home.  What? No rain back in town?!  Guess it was just our luck that day, but we all can still laugh about it because it was just all a part of our adventures!


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