Sedona Cathedral loop(Baldwin trl) by Carol

BaldwnAhh…., our wonderful trip to Sedona was coming to a close.  Our last enjoyable hike was around the base of Cathedral Rock, the icon that immediately comes to mind when thinking of IMG_0212[1]Sedona.  We checked out of the hotel early since we planned to leave Sedona right after our final hike.  This hike was a little shorter and all of us seemed to just take the trail at a slower pace extending our time as long as we could because we really Sedona 4 day trip 545didn’t want to leave the beautiful trails of Sedona.  The rock formations at and around Cathedral Rock were just as colorful, red, and majestic as all the others we had seen previously.  At the end of the trail, our treat was seeing a couple of JavelinaSedona 4 day trip 580 trotting down the path in our direction. Part of the trail also took us down along Oak Creek, where the water was rapidly flowing after recent rain storms. We took off the hiking boots to use on other adventures, piled into our vehicles, and headed Sedona 4 day trip 571home still talking about our hikes.  I think all of us would agree that we would have gladly hiked several more days!  The camaraderie of sharing the Sedona experiences was priceless and left us with fond memories that will not soon be forgotten.  Sedona 076What a wonderful job David did putting our trip together and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Carol has been our reporter this year for a lot of our trips. But alas she will be in Mesa next year and we will miss here a lot! If we plead with her she might just join us for a hike or two next year! Thanks Carol for your stories and pictures!

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