Sedona Hummer ride by Carol

Sedona 4 day trip 040 new skyLike the old 50s songs, “we were rockin’ and rollin”, “we were tossin’ and turnin”!  The hummer ride for myself , Joellen, Sandi, and Lois was quite the experience!  Fun!  We were buckled in and when we hit the dirt road, we felt like we were marbles in a blender!  We went several miles outside of town Sedona 4 day trip 414through water, down the rocky, bumpy, dirt roads out in the back country of Sedona.  Our ride was supposed to have been for 2 hours, but I think our driver, Bonnie, saw how much fun we were having so she gave us almost another hour.  She was great about explaining the scenery and geology of Sedona. Sedona 4 day trip 472We were also given some rare unknown tidbits about Elvis Presley when he made a movie in the area and saw one of Billy the Kid’s hideouts.  We stopped at a spot deep into the ride that gave us a panoramic view of some of the colorful rock formations.  The late afternoon sun made the rocks that much richer in deep color.   Bonnie then took us to her favorite spot.  The spot was a natural spring that reflected the rock face and the deep blue sky.  What a secret gem of Sedona!  Beautiful photo op! The sun was setting as we returned to town and gave us more deep color accentuated by the sun’s rays.  Typical of the desert, when the sun goes down, it gets cold, so we were pretty chilled with the wind whipping through the open hummer. Sedona 4 day trip 502But it was worth every minute. What a great time we had!

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