Sedona Day 3 Courthouse loop By Carol

Bell Rock, Courthouse Rock, Rabbit Ears, Cathedral Rock.  Somebody must have had lots of fun and CourtCThouse Bell Rocksimagination naming all the rock formations around Sedona!  The hike around Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock on our 3rd day was under more cloudless blue skies.  These two formations are the first Sedona icons you see when entering town from the South.  This trail was certainly the most scenic so far and conversations all along the trail were “Photo Op!”, and “Group Shot!”. Cthouse Bell Rocks 2 Other hikers on the trail were kind enough to offer to take a few of our group shots.  Plus, some of us got good at using our camera timers so we could all fit in the pictures.  Of course, our backdrops were spectacular views of the towering red rock or panoramic views of the Sedona skyline.   We had perfect views of Cathedral Rock, which is the number one icon of Sedona.Cthouse Bell Rocks 3 It is featured on all the brochures and postcards.  Every turn seemed to offer one beautiful view after another.  Boy, are we lucky to have been in a little piece of paradise!  Hiking in scenery like that just makes all your worries feel a world away.  It was another Sedona 4 day trip 190glorious day for a hike.  Carol, Joellen, Sandi, and Lois scheduled a hummer ride tour of the back country late that afternoon.  Then we all met at a Mexican restaurant for good food and great company.  (Credit for a few of the pictures goes to Judy)

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