Sedona Part 1

DESedonaThese are the 11 hikers from Desert Explorers hiking group from Rincon West RV Park, that ventured to Sedona, Az on March 3rd,4th,5th,and 6th of 2015 to enjoy the beauty of the hiking trails in the area.

At the beginning of our trip, the weather was not looking good for our hike after arrival. It was forecast for rain and or snow showers! We all arrived around 1:30 pm and tried to check into the motel. some were successful and others not so!

We began the hike with Airport3 overcast skies and looking like rain any minute! Due to having to shuttle the cars due to a full parking lot Bruce and Ben were not in this picture, nor was Lois, who decided not to hike this trail.

The trail was wet and in places somewhat muddy and the rocks were wet and sloped in spots for the first mile or so. Soon the we began to see and feel snow pellets! Not much but enough to remind usAirport of the weather around us. Notice the umbrella in this picture?

The trail was a steady climb up at a very gentle angle and was muddy in some areas.Airport2 We all had muddy shoes and pants as we ended our hike. Many found puddles to “rinse off” their shoes!

Stay tuned for more observations about our trip to Sedona!

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