Sedona Day 2 Boynton Canyon By Carol

How can you possibly describe the scenic hikes in Sedona?  Beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, awesome, amazing, breath-taking, magnificent, stupendous! boynton I think that covers most of it!  We woke up to clear deep blue skies and cool temperatures that quickly warmed us as we switched into high hiking gear.  We were surrounded by the colorful red rocks with views from deep in the landscape leading into Boynton Canyon.  But we did need toSedona 4 day trip 173 put jackets back on due to the cold chill of the canyon at the end of our goal.  There was left over ice and snow!  The “End of the Trail” sign was up a group of rather steep rocks that we had to carefully pull ourselves up and over.  The view from the top was awesome but we still had to be very careful of the steep rock sheer drop off close to our resting spots.Sedona 4 day trip 216  But I faced my fear of heights AGAIN and made it!  Now I can wear my Girl Scout explorer’s badge with pride!  The hike out was just as scenic and took us back into warm sun.  This hike was a bit long, so that hot shower felt really good, and we all headed out to a delicious Italian meal across from the hotel.  What a day!  Alright, next hike, bring it on!

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