Linda Vista Loop By Carol Simpson

lvWhat a pleasant Linda Vista hike 045hike we had on the Linda Vista trail Wednesday. The trail was at the southwest end and base of the Catalina Mountains. The morning started off rather chilly and most of us wore heavier clothes wondering where that cold front came from! It took just a little longer to warm up until the sun came up over the mountain and erased the cool shadows of our trail. Sure enough, we were soon coming out of our jackets under the sunlight. The whole area appeared a bit unique compared to the other hikes. The foliage grew low and lush and looked like a Prickly Pear farm! We had not seen such a concentration of so many! This narrow single-file trail was also a little more strenuous because of several ups and down with high rock steps in some places. But it was well worth it because every turn offered up fantastic views of the west valley and distant mountain ranges. At the top of our trail there were several HUGE cacti.Linda Vista hike 062Many of us remarked that we had never seen any that big! Hiking beneath the mountain was fun and so scenic. I would gladly hike this trail again.

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