Hidden Canyon/Bowen House By Carol

Hiddencanyonbowenhse.No coyotes or other wildlife, just the sound of RCW’s wild hikers’ boots against the dirt and rocks of the trail with the sun warming our faces. The second group from last Wednesday’s hike took the Bowen House trail which Bowman House Hike 069included a loop route around a small mountain that most of us had not hiked before.It was so beautiful out there! It was a great picturesque loop. After reaching the Bowen House, I led 2 other ladies further up the trail towards an overlook. They were just as enthralled with the beauty out there as I was. We turned around because we felt we were gone too long. Well, here comes David up the path loaded with extra water and food! No, we’re not members of the “Lost Hikers of RCW”. The others thought we were applying for membership! No need to worry, I had taken this path before, as best as I could remember! That was the tricky part & I think these 2 ladies would have followed me anywhere! The 3 of us did joke about having a whistle or yodeling to indicate we were close. another hiker  was the one with the whistle! He herded us all back togetherBowman House Hike 070 as we convinced everyone that we were never lost and we headed out. Any day like the pretty day we had is a good day to be in the desert.

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