Coyote Pass Windmill Hike By Bev McGregor

I was on the Windmill hike in Saguaro West. The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing and we were having an uneventful hike. However things were about to change coyotewindmillwith my stupidity! The coyotes were howling and my fellow hiker ahead of me supplied me with info regarding what these critters feast on! Well without putting a lot of thought behind it, I screamed like a rabbit being caught in a trap!(thinking I wouldn’t be a match)! Bingo,a few minutes later we had about 5 coyotes circling us . Ok , I may be banned from hiking with wed club! crazy Canuck!
I learned so much that day: stay disciplined, and remember to take enough water, Gatorade for the hike,especially now that it’s getting warmer! As we experienced a hiker who became weak and required some assistance. Overall it was an exciting day! Thank you Jo and Nancy!!

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