Sunset/Bittersweet By Carol

SunsetIn the empire of desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen. The Sunset Bittersweet hike was not far from the RV park and it was still not yet light as our group of 50+ hikers started out below the mountain.         The area we hiked was part of Tucson Mountain Park. It borders a main highway to the south and Saguaro National Park to the North.Sunset Bittersweet Trail 017 It was still rather cool before the sun began to warm us up as it crept up the mountain sides and showed the early morning colors of the desert. Love that time of morning when it is quiet, pretty, and void of the traffic and noise of civilization. There were so many of us that snaked out over the trail that we resembled a very long train stretched out along a winding track! We decided we had better stick with the driver we rode with on the trail so the others in our vehicle wouldn’t have to wait a long time for any of us on the end to get back to the parking lot! Good idea! Time for our break with views of downtown Tucson in the distance. Sunset Bittersweet Trail 036The trail was narrow so we had to just stand along the trail edge for a nice rest. Ah..fresh air and desert doesn’t get much better than that! We headed back along our loop trail up and over more pretty areas up along the mountains.         We have had right much rain this season, so everything looked so lush and green. Great hike with one of our largest groups yet.

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