Full moon/Sunrise Hike

Sunrise HikeWhat a day for a hike! 20 brave souls gathered at Classroom 1 at 5:15 am, to prepare for our hike to the trail known as “The Flight Path”

The trail is in the mountains across the street from the park. It was 4.25 miles round trip.

The moon was full, but we still needed our flashlights! Boy does the trail look different at night! Although I have hiked it several times, I had to look extra hard to see the trail at various times. 

The air was crisp and cool at 46 degrees as we departed from the park. We made good time and stopped for pictures at the trail intersection sign. Continueing on we made the selected location for our “sun rise” viewing area.

We timed it perfect ! Nautical Twilight. It is the time period when the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. soon we began to see a faint glow in the east, with some wispy clouds floating in the eastern sky. Soon red streaks were beginningsunr to show up. What a wonderful and beautiful sight. 

Thanks to all who went on this hike.

More pictures on the photo page

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