Full Moon/Sunrise hike by David Carr

Save February 3rd, 2015!

I am planning a Full Moon/ Sunrise hike around “Flight Path” hiking trail, located across the street from the park! 

We will meet at classroom 1 at 5:15 am (yes, I said 5:15 am) and leave promptly at 5:30 am, to arrive at our sunrise viewing location at 6:22 am. This is Nautical twilight. (The time period when the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon at either sunrise or sunset. The horizon is well defined and the outline of objects might be visible without artificial light. Ordinary outdoor activities are not possible at this time without extra illumination.)

Bring water, snacks and most important some type of flashlight. We will have a full moon to hike by, but will still need the flashlight to make sure we do not trip!

Hope to see you on February 3rd at 5:15 am classroom 1!

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