Kings Canyon/Gould Mine Loop by Carol Simpson

“One does not hike to attain enlightenment, rather one hikes because he is enlightened.”    It was only 39 degrees and windy in the early morning as our hikers set out to hike the King’s Canyon trail.  With many folks arriving after the holidays, we had over 40 hikers!  It is always fun to start the season’s hikes off by greeting friends again and meeting newcomers that share our love of hiking in the landscape of the desert. kc1n By the time we headed out on the trail for our 2.4 mile hike, the sun had quickly warmed us up under a nice blue sky.  We split into 2 groups and took the same loop but from different directions.  This trail gave us some great views of the west valley . There was evidence of old mines and stone buildings all along the trail.  Some of us split up and took an old service road back to the parking lot while the rest took the wash back.  A big mistake! The old road was all rocks! With our ankles constantly twisting over the rocks, it sure made us sore.  But no matter what the trail was like, it was still a good hike, a beautiful day for it, and time spent in good company.

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