Boulder Belt/Camaro Loop

boulder belt2Wanting to hike some more ( been off my exercise routine) I decided to get up early and do the Boulder Belt/Camaro loop trails. Using the numbers on the map, I figured it to be about 4 miles. Wrong! 6.60 miles on one gps and 6.75 miles on my phone.

I left the front gate at 6am. The day was overcast and a little windy. As I got further into the mountains, the wind died down and it was just the right temperature. Not many folks out so early, but did see a couple. Spent about 20 minutes talking with 2 gents, about full time rving. Nice older gentlemen with their 2 dogs.Camaro

Walking time was 2 hours and 20 minutes. Not bad. Although my feet were getting just a little weary, my hips were not hurting at all. Now a few hours later I am not sore at all. New insoles? I would like to think so.

SaguaroOnly a few more days here in Tucson, then on to Illinois via Colorado for our next adventures. So I have at least 2 more hikes to do, before I go! Monday, I will do the Cresote loop,Rocky 13, part of the Bittersweet, and the Cascabel trail. Another 6+ mile hike.

As you hike this summer, consider writing to me via the comment section at the bottom of this post (or any page) and I will get it posted to this web site.

Happy Trails


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