Flight Path

FlightpathThe season is just about over. Only a few of us left to hike. Until the numbers dwindle, we will be gathering at the classroom 1 at our normal time of 7:15 am and will decide then on where to hike.

Today we chose to hike from the park to the trail called Flight Path. The day was cool with a little wind. I have not been on this trail and found it very easy. It starts out sandy and then as we gain some elevation (not much) it became a little rocky, but not bad.

As  we went around the mountain(hill) a whole new few of Tucson north came into view. Kennedy lake is a lot smaller than I thought it was! A Mountain was also visible.

All in all it was a good hike. We covered 4.2 miles round trip from the classroom, in 1 hour 56 minutes. Not bad!

Until next week, Happy Trails.

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