Hope Camp

Hope Camp trail, 23 hikers, 5.6 miles round trip. Temperature at return was 75. The trail map said 5.6 miles round trip and it was right for a change! 

A good day for a hike although it got a little warm on our return. Glad I purchased my camelbak! It makes it easier to drink lots of water. No stopping to get the pesky bottle! Just grab the hose and start sucking up the water. So easy. 

 It won’t be long with these temps, before the creepy crawlers start exiting their winter homes. Yes, I am talking about the rattlesnakes and scorpions and the occasional Gila Monsters. So if out hiking, watch your feet and where you are walking. Get in the habit of scanning ahead of you, before you take that next step. Also like at a train crossing, Stop, Look and Listen before stepping over a rock, log or that dead cactus.

While walking in the Montana Badlands, I took a step closer to a boulder to get a better view and I heard a buzzing. I stepped back and it stopped. I stepped forward and there was the buzzing again. Yep, somewhere in that jumble of rocks was a rattlesnake! It got what he wanted! I retreated and found a different place to get a better view!

Flowers are starting to bloom! If we get the rain this weekend, it really will green up and more plants will send forth their blooms!

Happy Trails

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