Bowen Stone House

Bowenstone31 hikers went to the Old Stone house. The house was built in the 1930′s by Sherry  Bowen, a typesetter and, later city editor for the Arizona Daily Star. Bowen brought his wife, Ruby, to Tucson from Rockford, Illinois, in the late twenties, hoping that the climate would help her serious heart condition. They homesteaded in the Tucson Mountains eventually owning two thousand acres. Ruby kept a diary of her first year in the Tucson Mountains. She wrote of the wild mountain sheep that came to the base of the cliffs nearly every evening to graze. A mountain lion would pace about when she was cooking meat and one time attempted to get in the window. The valley and their homestead became part of the Tucson Mountain Park in 1983.

Total mileage round trip was 4.0 miles. Funny thing happened with my iphone. On the way out no gps signal! On the way back it was okay! Anyone have an answer for that?

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