Sendero Esperanza to Hugh Norris

A pleasant hike through gorgeous saguaro forest to a saddle on the rugged Tucson Mountains. This hike takes you across desert flats through fine stands of saguaro cacti. Look for holes in the saguaros, well above the ground, as you walk. Several different birds and animals make their homes by hollowing out these holes. After the cactus dies, falls, and decays, you can sometimes find the intact nests, which are known as saguaro “boots.” The Sendero Esperanza Trail partially follows the route of an old road, as do many trails in the Tucson Mountains. These roads were usually built by miners and prospectors before the creation of the national park. 

A few hiked up Hugh Norris trail to an overlook for our snack break!

Read more at Sendero Esperanza Trail | Tucson Arizona Hikes |

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