Hope Camp

The Hope Camp Trail traces a wash that parallels a south-facing slope in the Rincon foothills. It passes through some of the district’s tallest saguaros and a rich collection of cacti and brush.Hope Camp

This densely vegetated area is well lit at dawn and dusk, and coupled with light use, is a great choice for wildlife viewing:

The Hope Camp Trail heads east and rolls gently on a wide, gravely 4×4 road. It crosses several washes on the first mile that are generally easy to distinguish.

The trail passes old Deer Camp at 1.25 miles, then pitches up to its highest point (1.7 miles : 3,310′).

Views are terrific from these high points leading to the old Hope Camp and North Hope Trail junction (2.8 miles : 3,128′). Remains of the camp, which are of subjective interest, are located just off to the right.

The North Hope Trail turns due north for .3 miles to its end at a natural cul de sac (3.1 miles : 3,170′).

This final stretch is notably attractive, highlighted by large saguaro and diverse cacti gardens. While tempting to explore further, be mindful of delicate vegetation and land use rules that limit off trail travel. 

Total mileage round trip 6.0 mi

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